Friday, June 18, 2010

Today's Power Rankings


Is there any way we could add an annoying monotone drone to every televised sporting event?

Vuvuzela Twitter feed

In the future, every phenomenon will have its own satirical Twitter feed

Gavin in Shanghai

Bring me back a #23 and an order of green onion pancake


There has to be a "Lost Boys" remake in preproduction somewhere, right? I haven't checked, but it's gotta be happening, right?

World Cup officiating

Makes NBA refs look like…I don't know, really good refs or something

Sharron Angle

Put a little crazy in your Senate

New Bret Easton Ellis novel

In other news, Bret Easton Ellis is still alive and writing novels, apparently

Treaty of Ghent


Still one of the best treaties


Kobe is the MVP. OF RAPING.


The Miracle Food™

Oil spill


BP has discovered an extraordinarily efficient way to move stuff that was inside the Earth to outside the Earth

Tagging the Buddha sculpture in Civic Center Plaza

You people are assholes.

Jeremy London kidnapping

Now me! Now me!

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