Friday, February 1, 2013

Here are your prop bets for this year's Super Bowl

Phil Simms says something stupid within first 10 minutes   3-1
Within the first half                                                           10-9
At some point during the game                                         OFF
Someone at your Super Bowl party loudly proclaims 
they "don't watch football"                                                9-5
It's a girl                                                                           3-2
This is in San Francisco                                                    11-10
Akers misses a field goal                                                  PICK
Daisy posts a picture of herself crying                               2-1
CBS shows split-screen shot of Harbaugh brothers          5-3
Player mentions God in postgame interview                      1-10
Jim Nantz recounts Ray Lewis murder story                     50-1
Beyonce suffers wardrobe malfunction                             YOU WISH
Ravens lose; hacky headline writer uses "Nevermore"       3-2
Randy Moss scores touchdown                                        4-1
Randy Moss is insufferable in some way                            9-6
I am insufferable in some way                                            OFF

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