Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday: Random

- I saw a completely naked guy on a bicycle on the corner of Church and Market yesterday. Is that a thing now? Naked bicycling? There wasn't even a group, just him. Whatever. Everyone is an attention whore in their own way. Walk around with a parrot on your shoulder? Attention whore. Have a face full of metal? Attention whore. BART protester? Attention whore. Naked bicyclist? You guessed it.

- Here's a completely fake rant about Hardly Strictly Bluegrass:

Oh great! Where else can 600,000 white people crawl all over each other and talk through a performance by the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Band singing songs about a life of hardship and deprivation that the crowd pretends to embrace but which is as foreign to them as a moon rock, since "deprivation" to this crowd is a full parking lot at Trader Joe's? Yes, I know you spread out your blanket at 11 am to save you 8 square feet of space but I don't see any Deed from the City and County of SF tranferring title of this muddy patch of GG Park to you and unless you've developed the first working force field, people are going to walk over your blanket and you're going to have to get the fuck over it.

j/k. I didn't even go this year because I don't like crowds and it's always a nightmare getting anywhere afterwards. But I honestly think it's a very nice event and I've always enjoyed it in the past. But: Too Crowded.

[Also, professional musician? Attention whore.]

- I know it's Election Season again when fucking campaign workers start knocking on my door. (PARENTHETICAL: Does this happen to everyone, or am I just especially afflicted?) One day last time around, we had something like 8 different people come to the door in one day. I've gotta put the "No Campaign Workers" sign back on the door. This time it was 11 am on Sunday morning. I'm sorry, but that is fucking bullshit. You do not knock on someone's door before noon on Sunday. (Well, you should never knock on someone's door, but ESPECIALLY not before noon on Sunday.) So, David Chiu, guess who's not voting for you now?

When they knocked on the door, my dog naturally went apeshit like he do and I yelled through the door "WHO IS IT" and I heard someone say "David Chiu for Mayor" and I said "IT'S NOT A GOOD TIME" and now I wish I had said "YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS BEFORE I OPEN THE DOOR AND LET THIS DOG OUT."


GG said...

I've never had a campaign worker knock on my door, but maybe I'm just not home enough, because I do get pamphlets left on my doorstep. Anyone knocking on my door at 11am on a Sunday morning would be greeted with a shotgun blast to the face (if I had a shotgun); I'm pretty sure that's a solid justification defense to homicide.

generic said...

I'm one of the annoying guys knocking on your door, so here's the key:

Absentee ballots drop October 11th. Next Tuesday morning, post a big clear sign on your door (or next to your doorbell if it's behind a grate) stating that your household already voted absentee. You should be gold.

(I'm betting you take Herrera/Onek/Mirkarimi in the 1st round and Dufty/Bock/Cunnie in the 2nd with a player to named later.)

Rocco said...

this is obvi a neighborhood specific affliction, because all those years i lived in the lower haight, not one campaign worker ever knocked on my door. heh

periqueblend said...

I've had some people knock on my door, but they always ask for Mrs. Periqueblend. I think it's because I'm a convicted felon. (not really).

Tamagosan said...

I've only seen naked cyclists actually riding during Critical Mass, and I just can't imagine it would be very comfortable, esp. for the bicycle.

I've parked bikes at the Folsom Street Fair a few times, but at the end of the day you're just shocked if you see anyone with clothes.