Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today's Worst Groupon of the Day

You knew this was eventually coming:

$97 for Intimate or Glamour Photo-Shoot Package with Print and Photo CD ($350 Value)

Glamour photography! Nothing says 1986 mall shop more than glamour photography. You know what the problem with glamour photography is? It works backwards. It's the only form of photography that can make otherwise totally attractive people look terrible.

See, they say you'll look like this:

But you're actually going to look like this:

Oh, wait, no you're not! What the fuck do you mean, "Women only"? THAT'S FUCKING SEXIST. THANKS A LOT, GROUPON. NOW MY DREAM OF BEING GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHED HAS DIED.

Is Groupon still a viable concern? I heard they fucked up their IPO real bad. The very last Groupon will be for Groupon itself and there will only be one for sale. WHOA DUDE THAT IS SO FUCKING META.

In conclusion, glamour photography is funny.


LiLo said...

Hilarious. I especially like the pic of the gut with the cat. So majestic! The fro acts as a halo of awesomeness.

Rocco said...

mom made me get glamour shots once, back in the 80s. then she took them to a modeling agency to try and get me a job and they rejected me. hmph!

GG said...

It's like "skinny jeans" -- they're not going to MAKE you skinny. You shouldn't need them if they're not ALREADY glamorous. Also, this may be your first comment posted from Uruguay.