Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More fun with Mom

Me and The Wife are going to Arizona to visit Mom on Thursday. Pray for us. In advance of our visit, I received an email with the following information:

1. She will be making breakfast for us on Friday morning. Apparently, I have not eaten a meal she has prepared "in 30 years." Pretty sure this can't be true, but that's her apparent belief. True, I eat at her place sparingly, but that's only because she favors food far past the expiration date. That seems to be a thing with Old People.

2. I am to leave some room in my suitcase so I can "carry back some kitchen utensils" she picked up for my sister (who's getting a new place) at garage sales in and around her Arizona retirement community. That's right, I am to leave room in my carry-on to schlep back Corningware and used spatulas. I don't think so.

Mom's always on the go. For her, a family visit isn't complete unless the day is chock-full of activities. Sitting around and talking is her idea of hell. Thus, she asked me to suggest some activities we could do. I suggested the Pima Air & Space Museum, just to see how that would go over. That didn't go over very well. I haven't been asked to make any other suggestions since then.

We're staying at a resort in this oldster community. Know how you can tell it's an oldster community? The bar & grill in the hotel closes at 8.


GG said...

Ask to visit Biosphere 2.

Stephen said...

GG -

From what TK has said about his mother's house, I think Biospheres 4 through 32 can be found in her fridge.

Tamagosan said...

Your mom sent you an e-mail? Impressive.

Cameron Ross said...

I'd be thrilled with activities. My mom's version of a perfect visit is when she has time to buy every last morsel of prepared food ("so no one has to cook") in advance. Then she refuses to name anything she'd like to do. There's always a lot of silent sitting-around, always with a TV on, staring at each other.