Monday, January 4, 2010

January's Little Joke

And so we have reached that yearly event known as Sober January, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like and is basically just a chance to clean out the system, so to speak, catch up on our Netflix, save a ton of money and lose some weight. I'm shooting for the rehab-standard 28 days this year. Some prior years have been relatively successful (i.e. solid month) and some not so much, like last year, when The Wife (who was still Super Hot Irish Girlfriend at the time) and I collectively talked each other into breaking down and going to a bar on the 10th. Let's hope for better results this year.

Here are the changes that you, loyal readers, will notice during January:

1. Fewer drinking-related stories. Duh.

2. The blog will be about 20% less funny. I'm sorry, but it's true. I think my posts are consistently funnier when they're written either while slightly buzzed or the morning after drinking. Can't help it, it's true.

So let's hang in there together. You forgive all the movie reviews and talk about my dog, and I'll forgive you for actually having fun this month.

IN OTHER NEWS, this "Tooth Fairy" movie with The Rock has to be an elaborate joke, right? I mean, the commercial looks EXACTLY like the kind of parody commercial they'd do on SNL if he were hosting. There is no way this can be a real movie, right? Right? Please tell me it's not.

Speaking of movie trailers, thanks to Periqueblend for turning me on to The 5 Best Movie Trailer Remixes. Genius:


The Sonia Show said...

I saw the previews for "Tooth Fairy" and Glenn Beck's "Christmas Sweater" before "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" and I thought I was being punk'd.

By the way, I am also limiting my alcohol intake for a while. Cheers!

TK said...

There was an article somewhere -, maybe? - about the "Christmas Sweater" thing and it sounds like just as big a trainwreck as you can imagine.

I kinda want to see it now.

The Sonia Show said...

I can't watch "Christmas Sweater" until I'm drinking again.

generic said...

I did OcSober along with some Australian bloggers. Lost 10 lbs. And my tolerance level went through the floor.

And I actually wouldn't recommend seeing the Christmas Sweater under the influence of any drug. I saw it a bit buzzed. Big mistake. Huge mistake. Drinking right after a screening would be ideal.

TK said...

I like saying "OcSober," but I don't think that month would work for me. Too much going on, what with the baseball playoffs, football season in full swing, and the big Columbus Day holiday.