Friday, January 22, 2010

How to ruin an otherwise perfectly normal friendship.

A friendship is one of the most rewarding relationships we can have in our lives. My friends aren't just like my family; they are family to me. Like Thomas Jefferson said, "I find friendship to be like wine, raw when new, ripened with age, the true old man's milk and restorative cordial."

But friendship can be hard, too. All relationships are hard, but so often it is your friends who know you better than anyone else. That makes you especially vulnerable to them, doesn't it? And just like all relationships, sometimes things just go wrong.

Why, just ask Ke$ha and Paris Hilton.

Ke$Ha is convinced her short-lived friendship with Paris Hilton was always destined to fail, because the two women are so "different."

I hear that. Sometimes you just don't have enough in common, and despite your noblest efforts, it just won't work out.

The "TiK ToK" hit maker first met Hilton when she appeared on an episode of the star's reality TV show "The Simple Life" in 2005, and she went on to sing backing vocals for a track on the heiress' 2006 debut album, Paris.

Hey, sometimes you meet friends through school or work, and sometimes you meet them on a reality show. Then they may ask you to come to a party at their apartment, or sing on their album, or whatever.

But, like I said, when friendship goes wrong, it can go very wrong:

Ke$ha briefly befriended Hilton, but that ended when the singer mistook the socialite's wardrobe for a bathroom and threw up in the closet.

Oh, Ke$ha. Remind me never to have you over to my house.


New Banksy piece spotted in Salt Lake City.

Banksy's apparently at Sundance for the premiere of his film "Exit Through the Gift Shop."

I love Banksy.

Have a good weekend!


generic said...

Puking inside Paris' closet can only be rated as a net positive. For you. For me. For America.

Rocco said...

so wait, you're saying "Ke$sha" (puke) and Paris Hilton had a perfectly normal friendship at one time?