Friday, January 29, 2010

I don't know if "irony" is the right word, but...

The scene today, just moments ago:

Two protests in SF's Civic Center, about two blocks away from each other.

First, in front of the Federal Building, we have the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, of the repulsive "God Hates Fags" and "You Are Going to Hell" signs who show up at everything from college graduations to soldiers' funerals. I imagine they're in front of the Federal Building because of the Prop. 8 trial, but who knows? Hard to tell with people that fucked in the head. They've got their usual signage proclaiming how God hates you and wants you to go to hell. As it turns ourt, God hates almost everyone except members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

A couple of blocks away, in Civic Center Plaza, there is a sizeable group protesting the treatment of Christians in Egypt. They have signs like "Stop Torturing Christians in Egypt" and "Take Action to Stop the Killing of Christians in Egypt."

It's too much, isn't it? On one side of the street, we have a group of Christians spewing the most vile, debased hate against their fellow man, in the name of God. On the other side, we have a group of Christians asking that they not be hated and abused for their beliefs.

I get that the Westboro crowd and the Egyptian Christians have little in common (although certainly they have some beliefs in common), but I just wonder what someone who didn't know anything about Christianity would think. How can members of the same religion spew abuse and ask for protection from abuse at the same time?

There were a LOT more counter-protesters against the Westboro people than there were Westboro people. Good show, SF!


Tamagosan said...

Looks like my alma mater hooked it up with the counter protests, too! Go Lowell!

DesertRose said...

The Westboro group is wrong in how they preach; Christianity teaches love and giving and patience, not yelling and threatening, etc.

Also, the beliefs of the Baptist Church and that of the Coptic Orthodox church are different, though they are both Christian. Please read up on your history to understand in more depth, however for summary purposes, the Christian church has had four major councils, specifying what each sect believes and continues to believe. For example, the Baptist church is protestant, the Coptic church is Orthodox. Although the dogma is similar, there are still vast differences between the Protestant and Orthodox sects.

Whirlwind said...

apparently God H8s Ur hockey!