Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The dog totally knows

Check out Sophie with the advance warning on the Humboldt earthquake last week:

[Video via the Eureka Times-Standard.]

She's all "FUCK, I AM OUTTA HERE." I guess that shit about dogs being able to predict earthquakes is true.

Speaking of EQs, there's been a lot of Unwanted Seismic Activity in the past coupla weeks. We're off to Target on Saturday to replenish our earthquake kits. And BevMo, too. I drank the vodka out of our kit like a year ago.


Rocco said...

i LOLed big time at that. full of win. also, in an odd turn of events, my vodka is still in my EQ kit but all the snacks are gone.

generic said...

yeah but now every time my bosses dog twitches ...