Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here's where I give my BS opinion on the CBS Super Bowl abortion ad thing

So the kind of people that get agitated about stuff like this are agitated because CBS is apparently going to run a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl featuring former Florida QB and future NFL mediocrity Tim Tebow.

Apparently the ad is going to feature Tebow's Mom, who's going to say that doctors told her to have an abortion and she had the baby instead and it grew up to be Football Jesus.

Apart from Tennessee fans, no one should be that upset about this. For the vast majority of women, that fetus is going to become a Ritalin-addled behavior problem who blasts Cannibal Corpse after stomping into his room and slamming the door and knocking the Thomas Kinkade prints off the wall, rather than a monk-pure starting quarterback who writes Bible verses under his eyes and spends his spare time giving bone marrow to kittens.

But the bigger issue here is the fact that some TV ad during the Super Bowl isn't going to make any difference at all. First of all, how many pregnant women watch the Super Bowl to start with? And how many of them are on the fence about whether to get an abortion? "Hmmmm, I was going to get an abortion, but now that future mid-second-round draft pick Tim Tebow says it's a bad idea I guess I won't."

Look, women who want to have abortions in this country already have to deal with an unbelievable amount of shit, and it's getting worse all the time. Not only might a woman have to deal with a bunch of protesters screaming in her face, state legislatures keep enacting ever-more byzantine and abusive hoops that a woman has to jump through to get a legal medical procedure. Do you really think that a TV ad is going to be the tipping point?

Abortion is one of those things about which people already have their minds made up and rarely change their opinion. Have you ever had an abortion argument with someone that ended up with one person saying "Hey, you know what, that makes a lot of sense. You're right and I'm wrong." I doubt this ad is going to change anyone's mind either. And as long as CBS is willing to take ads from NARAL too, getting upset about this is a waste of time.

One side note. In that New York Daily News article I linked to above (where it says "pro-life ad" in the first para), the ad below appears on the side of the screen, or at least it did when I looked at the article. If you want to get upset about an ad, this one makes a lot more sense:

Yeah, losing 38 pounds in 2 months sounds realistic. For a POW camp.


Rocco said...

is that carmen electra? my guess is that it's not the acai berries keeping her thin. something a little more refined and from colombia, perhaps?

The Sonia Show said...

I don't know if I agree with you about this. Super Bowl ads in the past have convinced me to eat Doritos and drink Bud Light. I'm concerned that the pro-life ad might convince me to get knocked up and keep the baby.

Greg said...

well said.

generic said...

I couldn't disagree more.

John said...

I don't agree with this.
Hot new here:
There is little doubt about the balance of power in the AFC in the last twelve years, moved. And you can judge by many factors, current and historical.
This year, the AFC (the greatest depth from the top of the NFL best results, (Indy 14-2) at the bottom of the NFC has three teams with a record worse than the worst team in the AFC, KC 4-12).
From 1984 won and 1996 won the NFL Draft just 13 Super Bowls. But the AFC has won five of the six - the Giants victory over the previously undefeated Patriots, there are two years apart - and nine of the last 12.

Royo said...

There's one thing that ad lacks: