Thursday, October 8, 2009

Other than the thing about pizza, everything else in this post is disturbing in one way or another.

- The Wife is currently in Louisiana on a business concern.

I've got a little Louisiana story for you. I once found myself in a really, really rundown strip club in New Orleans, pretty much blind drunk. The kind of strip club where the girls are all a little pasty and look like junkies and they come up to you at the bar and ask you to buy them a drink, which costs about $20 for a light beer but whatever. So I mostly just wanted to talk to somebody and I asked this girl what her favorite movie was and she said "8 MM," which might be the most depressing thing I've ever heard, given that it's a movie about snuff films.

So I declined to buy her a drink and she said "Fuck you, then," and I left.

This isn't intended to be a condemnation of Louisiana in general! There are some very nice things about Louisiana, too.

- Go and listen right now to Jessi Klein's story from The Moth about her sister's wedding at Disney World. L O L.

"A couple of weeks before the wedding, my sister informs me that she and her fiance have decided to spend a little extra to have the characters attend the reception. Of course. And I decide that if I am single and I’m going to be spending my birthday weekend at Disney World, then I am definitely fucking one of the characters while I’m there."

- Finally tried out Pi Bar last night. Above average slice. GREAT beer selection. It's very new-new, in the sense that everything is still sparkly and clean, but give it time, that'll change. Also, very friendly service. A+++++++ WILL DO BUSINESS AGAIN.

- Is this ad horrifying or what?

I guess we're all used to the idea of a bunch of old people in Vegas, since they're pretty much the ones who keep that town in business, one nickel slot and Don Rickles show at a time. So I guess having a big AARP meetup/confab in Vegas isn't so strange. BUT LOOK - he looks like he just got off a SERIOUS FUCKING BENDER and his tie's all undone and you know what that means: OLD PEOPLE SEX. Gross. Gross. Change the channel.

- This is an Administrative Friday for me, since I'm not working tomorrow for complicated and personal reasons. I'll try to post, but who the fuck works on their blog at home? We'll see.

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Whirlwind said...

That Moth story is hilarious - i was the crazy person chuckling to himself on the train on the way to work yesterday...although it was sad that she didn't get to wake up next to Dale on Eyeore(sp?) sheets