Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm not sure why Sal gets to keep directing after that Patio POS. Anyway.

"Now that I can finally understand you, I am less impressed with what you have to say."

OH SNAP. Don’s diss on Whatshisface was awesome, and kind of emblematic of the whole show, which was about rejection. Over at Ster-Coop, you could sense something bad was coming, because Don’s Dad – oops, I mean Connie Hilton – was getting crazier and crazier by the scene. (Incidentally, remember him bitching about people leeching off him? Oh, Connie, you have no idea what's coming.) So they finally get to the pitch meeting and Connie’s all “OMG what about my Moon Hilton, bitch?” and Don’s all “WTF?” And Connie’s all “I said I wanted a Moon Hilton! With room service unicorns! MAKE IT SO.” and stormed out and that made Don so upset he had to go fuck his kid’s teacher. That’s a good argument for having kids, I guess.

And then, of course, we get Sal turning down yet another chance at nookie. Seriously, this guy turns down more chances to get laid than most of us will ever get in our lives. But this time he really fucked up bad because Lee Garner Jr. isn’t just any bellboy, he’s the head of Lucky Strikes or something and he wants Sal gone pronto. It’s either because Sal turned him down and he’s petty and wants revenge or because he doesn’t want Sal tellling anyone about his, uh, little secret. I don’t know, doesn’t make much difference. Anyway, looks like things might be looking up for Sal in the leg department because we next see him on a payphone calling from what looks like the set of “Rent.”

Then we have Henry Government, who thought he had a sure thing going here, and gets Bets all the way into the office with the door locked and at this point is probably already mentally moving on to the next MILF with a reservoir when Bets puts the hammer down. Fuck, lady, make up your goddam mind. I don’t mind getting hit with the cashbox as long as I get a lil sumpin. Anyway, is this affair boring or what? Yeah, whatever, write little mash notes and have fake receptions or whatever. Yawn. The dude in the back of the bar was more exciting than this shit.

And then, just so it’s not all rejection, Don finally got it made got it made got it made, he’s hot for teacher. Again, wouldn’t it have been more interesting if she held out? Pushed him out the door and said no? Fuck are all women really powerless before the Hamm?

Finally, just in case you didn’t notice, the Civil Rights Movement Is Coming. The bleeding from that foreshadowing-shaped hole in your head will subside soon. And do you think the show will address the Kennedy assassination? Hard to say.


Skance said...

YES! Of course all women are powerless before the Hamm. Powerless and willing and maybe pushed around a little bit and then grabbed roughly by the back of the neck, and then slowly pinned to...oh. Is it blisteringly hot in here all of a sudden? Ahem. I mean, yes. I guess most women on the show are.

Rocco said...

boring. can we go back to discussing drinking and debauchery?
The Sister

TK said...

We can't all live your lifestyle. Some of us have to chill the fuck out and watch some TV for one night instead of shooting up with Julian Casablancas in the back room of Tosca with a couple of Argentinian girls and a fifth of Johnnie Walker Blue.

Whirlwind said...

i just wish these were marked in some way. something like, "yet another tv recap post because between the onion tv club, slate, and everyone else with a bully pulpit we can't talk enough about this show...."

(just kidding, I'm bitter cause I don't have cable this year... (frowny face))

TK said...

Thx WW, got my title for next week now.

Spots said...

If I remember correctly, Roger's daughter's wedding is scheduled on JFK Dies Day. And I'd like to go home with Carla one episode. What's going on with her? I wonder if Carla gets home and rips the Drapers apart? Finally, I understand the people who don't watch Mad Men. They're like me getting frustrated with the people who watch So You Think You Can Dance.