Monday, October 5, 2009

I liked the old Bobby better

Sorry to sound like such a hipster, but it’s true. I find New Bobby a little flat and one-dimensional. His heart just wasn’t in the “K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” That Sally can throw a fucking punch, though, huh? I don’t know who she’s kidding kissing that dork Ernie in the bathtub. She’s going to be reading radical feminist theory at Bryn Mawr in a few years.

Speaking of kissing, did anyone else find Betty’s little explanation to Sally about kissing a little weird? She’s all, “Well, after that first kiss, it’s all downhill from there.” Gee, great outlook, Betts! Why don’t you just tell her that all men suck and are just going to rape her. I guess she’ll learn that at Bryn Mawr anyway.

So we’re all sure that Pete raped that au pair, right? I guess the scene with the neighbor coming over and confronting Pete wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t. That Pete is such a fucking toolbox. I loved how Joan called him out on his bullshit by saying “Trudie’s too fat for this dress” or whatever. You know she just wanted to watch him squirm. Joan fucking rules. She best be taking over Bonwit Teller.

Back to Betty for a second, since this whole episode kind of revolved around her. Who knew she could speak Italian? She and Don had a big time there in Rome, then they get back and it’s all the Same Old Shit again and so Don gives her a very nice little gift and she’s all “HATE IT.” Fuck, man, sorry you’re stuck being a housewife in Ossining, but you don’t have to be a total bitch about it.

Sadly, no Roger Sterling. An episode without Roger is like a day without an Old Fashioned.

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Spots said...

Thank you.

I always thought I was a little bit Joan. I've finally accepted I'm really a little bit Sally.
Where the fuck was Roger? Why even watch?
And that rape went right over my head. I mean, that whole, "I got you this dress, I wanna see it on you" was weird, but rape? Mad Men has lots of, "Wait. Was that rape?"'s.
Betty is killing me. The only thing that made her remotely tolerable was the fluent Italian and the hairdo.

Sad, really. Sundays at 10 make my week...