Thursday, October 29, 2009

Other people San Francisco is a Sanctuary City for

1. Grown men with long, long ponytails
2. Damaged girls with Livejournals
3. Guys who collect vinyl
4. People from Iowa who pronounce Spanish words with a pronounced Spanish accent
5. Drunks
6. Ultimate frisbee players
7. 23-year-olds who wear sweatshirts with Greek letters on them unironically
8. Frank Chu
9. Dog owners who are obsessed with their dogs and treat their dogs like children and have birthday parties for them and stuff
10. Barista/artists
11. Waiter/punk band members
12. Administrative assistant/dominatrices
13. Pigeons. Pigeon feeders.
14. Bros with yellow labs named either “Marley” or “Kaya”
15. DJs (still)
16. Wine snobs
17. Beer snobs
18. Marijuana snobs
19. MST3K snobs
20. Illegal immigrants (Irish)


Skance said...

You forgot the following:
1. Your paste eaters
2. Your tiger petters
3. People who lose fights to babies

TK said...

Haha! For those who aren't familiar:

Tamagosan said...

There's the head of the nail and.......... you hitting it. You made at least one cow-order LOL. I skipped reading the LJ item to her. Too hard to explain.

Timon Braun said...

-people with no apparent means of support (on the hi and lo ends both)

-people who take old macs to cafes

-people who have heard the words "preformativity" or "situationism"

-straight men who seem gay

-people with bookshelves in their apartments containing books they were assigned in college

TK said...

@Timon -

Outstanding work. All true.

Whirlwind said...

Women who wear skirts over jeans
people with star tattoos
flash mobbers
people who own not a single tie, but have a closet full of "ironic" t-shirts

Generic said...
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Generic said...