Friday, May 7, 2010

Today's Power Rankings

“Friday Night Lights” returns

Still hoping for Minka Kelly nude scene

Your San Francisco Giants

Sweep Marlins, on to New York. Zito an early Cy Young candidate? WTFF times a million?

George Gascon’s hair

Still has not expressed a view on possible EU bailout of Greece


Still delicious, but are we entering the Croissant Era?


Was really hoping the piranhas in the mall story would hold up



Still sucks; slightly less lethal so far in May

Hipster Puppies

Inevitable fall-off once book deal secured


Protip: not every stencil is a Banksy, graffiti bloggers

“Lost” wrapping up

Jesus, please, just fucking end. And if you stick another Hurley episode in there I will hunt you down and stick a tube down your throat and force feed you Twinkies like a foie gras duck


What’s not to like?

Boycotting Arizona

Where will we get meth and racists from then?

New LCD Soundsystem

Don’t get burned out now; you’re going to be hearing it all summer


generic said...

If you told me two years ago another straight male public figure was going to upstage Gavin Newsom's hair while the latter was still in office, I would have laid a cool $20 on it.

Tamagosan said...

Re: Giants. I will not comment on using Barry Zito and Cy Young in the same sentence. But I will comment on the fact that yes indeedy, it looks like we have a decent beisbol team on our hands. Side note: Let's hope the Seligmeister comes through with moving the All-Star game from AZ.