Friday, May 28, 2010

Today in Missed Connections

Programming note: None of these links will work about a week from now. Time is ephemeral. Seek peace within.

Outside of Serpentine's - m4w (potrero hill)

God, I fucking HATE IT when people put an unnecessary apostrophe-"s" on the end of a restaurant name. It's just SERPENTINE, OK? Not every fucking restaurant name ends in 's. It's not A16's or Spruce's or Slanted Door's or Maverick's, OK?

"The National" show at the Fox theater - m4w - 32 (oakland downtown)

You were there at the show with a date, he barely spoke to you the entire night... We had a nice couple of chats. I attempted to direct you to this site at the end of the show but I don't think it registered with you, but what the hey...

Damn, dude, you tried to pick up a chick when she was already on a date with someone else? That's pretty ballsy.

Has anyone gotten into The National's new album yet? I've only heard a few songs and I was like "Yeah, OK."

Stork Club - m4w (oakland downtown)

bartender, U R so hott.i want to pull ur white stripe and hit u until you love me.

What's with the who now? Does "white stripe" have some kind of sexual connotation I'm not aware of? What could this possibly mean?

Also, if this ad is successful, you should 100% rethink your dating strategy.

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Anonymous said...

I also like the tactic of 'directing' somebody to missed connections at the end of a trying to pick them up while their date is around. First of all, that's pretty conniving, in a degranged kind of way. Second, it's not technically a 'missed connection' if you direct the person there, is it? It's kind of like deliberately losing your mittens so you can find them later in the lost & found. CL might have to create a special dedicated section for this-- not 'missed connections' but 'thwarted because boyfriend/girlfriend was around connections'.