Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arizona's new, even more discriminatory law

Yeah, the Arizona immigration law blah blah blah whatever. There's nothing more I can add that hasn't been said better somewhere else. All I will say is that I won't really be happy until I see gnarled-up snowbirds wearing those humongous wraparound shades and visors watering their own damn lawns. Then we'll see who likes the crackdown. I have a feeling that the fifth time Grandma Jean sits down to a dirty table at Olive Garden because there's no one to bus it will be the last.

ANYWAY. No, forget that. Arizona also enacted a little-noticed, but FAR MORE DISCRIMINATORY law. With a stroke of the pen, the state barred an entire class of citizens from simply trying to enjoy life in Arizona, as much as that's possible. I'm talking, of course, about human-animal hybrids.

No longer welcome in Arizona

Well, that's just great, Arizona. You've got your centaurs or your minotaurs or your satyrs just trying to get by and make an honest day's wage and now this. You know, as long as there's a vast economic disparity between what you can make in Greek mythology and what you can make cleaning hotel rooms in Sedona, there's going to be an inexorable need for animal-human hybrids to do the jobs that humans just won't do. Who's going to pick your tomatoes? Who's going to play pan-flute while you linger over the buffet at Harrah's Ak-Chin? You've shot yourself in the foot with this one, Arizona.

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Tamagosan said...

"But she noted that scientists in the United Kingdom reported putting human DNA into empty cow eggs."

And I thought I was living on the edge because I put buttered toast in chicken eggs.