Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You get a lot of shit when you order from Upper Playground

I recently ordered a shirt from Upper Playground and it came today. To answer your first and most immediate question, yes, I know there's a store on Fillmore but I'm busy and I don't have the time to go browsing around while being sneered at by 20-something hipsters so I let Upper Playground just UPS the shit I need to me.

ANYWAY, when you order from Upper Playground, you don't just get a shirt. You get a veritable LIBRARY of catalogs and other gear. To wit:

The Fall/Winter 2008 catalog. 175 pages. Softcover. Approx. 6" x 8".

The Spring/Summer 2008 catalog. Also 175 pages, also softcover, also approx. 6" x 8".

Book apparently entitled "Donde Esta Mi Corazon?" Hardcover, slightly larger. Maybe 7" x 10". Not paginated, but approx. 150 pages. Contains drawings, photographs, and other artwork.

Also got a bunch of stickers, postcards, etc.

So thanks for all the stuff, Upper Playground! I wish I had gotten a Large instead of an XL, though.

I just talked to a humorously-stoned-sounding guy at Upper Playground about exchanging the shirt. He said just to send it back with a note on the invoice that I need a smaller size. I told him offhandedly that I was in SF and it would be cool if I could just come by. He sorta laughed and said, "Ummmm, postal stuff is better." So there's your Official Return Policy: "POSTAL STUFF IS BETTER."


Whirlwind said...

can you please post the total shipping $$s(including the return process) incurred by your existential fear of being judged?

my friend Sam makes all the shirts of the women with really long fingers and stuff....

TK said...

@ Whirlwind -

So far, about 7 bucks.

The shirt is pretty awesome, though. Totally worth it to not be judged.