Thursday, May 14, 2009

She's not really a morning person

One thing I think has been kind of overlooked in the whole debate over torture is the fact that WE'RE DEBATING WHETHER OR NOT TORTURE IS OK. I mean, seriously, what the fucking fuck!?!!??! Can we all just take a deep breath and sit back and think about that for a second? Did the Bush administration fuck with our heads so fucking much that we think this is some kind of reasonable debate? Are you out of your fucking mind? I thought we settled this after the goddam Spanish Inquisition ended. Imagine me saying this with my hands cupped around my mouth: IT'S NOT OK TO TORTURE PEOPLE. Fuck, it's like everyone is 13 years old or something. Unbelievable.

Speaking of torture, I was reminded this morning that it's not a good idea to fuck with Super Hot Irish Girlfriend in the morning. She was still in bed and trying to sleep and I was joking around with her and making noise and kissing all over her face just before I left for work and she opened her eyes just a little bit and said "I will jam your nose up into your brain." So cute!

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