Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please excuse our possible interruptions in service. We appreciate your business.

Updates may, maybe will, seem sporadic for the next couple of weeks. You see, I've found myself in Middle Tennessee about to get married to Super Hot Irish Girlfriend. In order to keep this blessed event more like the Day of a Lifetime that she always pictured and less like a Harold Pinter play, I have many responsibilities to discharge that will preclude regular updating for you, my loyal readership.

Couple of quick things, though - (1) Saw Eddie George yesterday at the wine store. He was wearing flip-flops and buying a case of wine. He's taller than I thought! It was funny to watch the middle-aged white guys with broad Southern accents falling over themselves to help him and calling him "Mr. George" and so forth when if any other black guy came into the store they'd probably trip the silent alarm. (2) Then we saw Randy Travis at the Nashville Airport yesterday when we went to pick up The Sister. It's funny to watch people try to not seem obvious when they stare at someone famous. Nobody even tried to do that last year when we saw Taylor Swift at the airport. Incidentally, Taylor Swift is about 8 feet tall and not as great-looking in person.

OK, off to get a marriage license. Maybe a hunting license too, as long as we're there!


TSWM said...

Excuse me, Mr. So-in-so. I'm sure if you asked Mr. George, he would tell you himself that not just "any other black guy" could bust through a defensive line like him or even make "God's Linebacker" eat some turf. Mr. George is a fine character who brought much fame and fortune to Nashville and the AFC Champ Titans. Believe me also when I tell you that Pacman Jones (another "black guy")never got that kind of respect in public from middle aged white guys with broad southern accents.

TK said...

@ TSWM -

1. It was a joke.

2. Eddie George is awesome.

3. If you think they'd treat Pacman Jones differently, then we kind of agree.