Monday, May 18, 2009

Our team investigates where it may have gone wrong

Champagne brunch at my house isn't where it went wrong. It was quite nice, actually. I made a tortilla espanola and some chicken-apple sausage and it was all delightful.

Beers in the backyard after brunch isn't where it went wrong, either. Beautiful day, sunny and warm, lying on a big blanket - what could be wrong about that?

The sidewalk BBQ at Lower Haters isn't where it went wrong, either, even though a cop told me to throw away my beer because I was outside and it's apparently ILLEGAL TO DRINK BEER ON THE SIDEWALK. Der.

Hanging out at Ronnie's house in the Mission isn't even where it went wrong. Although I could see it starting to go wrong.

No, it was probably hanging out until midnight at Bliss Bar. Don't get me wrong; we had a great time and Chris was DJ'ing and playing really good music (not at all because half of what he was playing came directly from my requests, no, not at all) and it's always fun hanging out with The Sister et al. But good God, I'm not a kid any more and man oh man do I feel a little rough today.

And tonight we have Doves at the Fillmore. Urp.

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Rocco said...

i have a pretty good idea about where it all went wrong.