Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Almost Famous, Part 2

Funny coincidence. Sort of. On the same day my blog is featured on SFist, my friend[*] Jon is featured in the Chronicle. He does voiceover work for museums and is generally an all-around great guy.

[*] I say "friend," in the sense that we know each other on sight, know each other's names, and he's the brother-in-law of a guy who used to be in a friend's band and who recorded my band's first demo. And he serves me drinks at Valley Tavern. So, yeah, I guess I can call him a friend.

So if you're reading my blog for the first time, welcome. Here are some of the topics you can expect to read about:

1. Drinking
2. Music
3. Baseball
4. My Super Hot Irish Girlfriend
5. Escalator rage
6. Snack foods
7. Furries[*]

[*] I haven't actually written anything about furries yet.

Don't worry. Not all the posts are as bad as this one.


Jessica said...

Nice job trying to increase traffic w/keyword: "furries."

What's going to happen to "SHIG" when SHIG goes from G to W? "SHIW" doesn't have quite the same ring. I trust you've been working on this/focus-grouping possibilities.

TK said...

@Jess -

- Who, me? Furries furries furries furries teen furries

- Huh. Haven't thought about that yet. That's be a cross/bridge situation.