Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Dangerously Volatile Alcoholic Day!

A lot of people assume, reasonably enough I guess, that since my girlfriend is from Ireland that St. Patrick's Day is a Big Thing in our house. Not really. As it turns out, when she was growing up in Ireland it wasn't the big deal kind of thing that it is here and so it's never been like a Thing for her. It's never been a Thing for me, either, because it's one of two nights a year (NYE being the other, obviously) when bars are packed with people who don't know what they fuck they're doing and get in the way of Serious Drinkers like myself. So blagh, you can have it.

A couple of years ago I did go to the big block party that O'Reilly's has every year in North Beach where they block off the streets and have bands and outdoor kegs and everything else. It was just as nightmarish as you might imagine. Later that night, we were sitting at an outdoor table down the street at Rogue and some drunk guy came down the street SCREAMING and then knocked over a newspaper box in some kind of alcoholic rage. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

P.S. I know I said not that long ago that I would never get a Twitter account. FAIL.

** UPDATE: This email from SHIG is illustrative of my point above. Note that when she says "here," she's talking about her office, which has a booze-soaked SPD party every year. The drinking habits of her office are a whole other post. ANYWAY:

I don't know why, but I'm extra on-edge today because we're having such a big SPD thing here. They were discussing the booze for the afternoon (keg, Irish car bombs and Irish coffee), so I just kinda blurted out in the lunchroom "Irish Car Bombs are bullshit and no Irish person would ever drink that. No bartender would ever make one. It's very offensive and I'd never walk into a bar here and order a 9/11". Stoney silence. So, yeah, I'm in buzzkill mood already.


Stephen said...

I'm at work on a "9/11" cocktail recipe as we speak . . .

TK said...

I already suggested a Manhattan with a flaming float of 151 on top.

Yes, I know I'm going to hell.

Rocco said...

apparently japanese people drink irish car bombs, as the first one i ever had was at tsunami. it is odd how they just kind of go down easy like that.

Rocco said...

thanks for keeping us updated about the status of your phone shipping via twitter.