Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maybe this is too much info

Last night Intervention re-ran the Cristy episode, which, as all good Intervention fans know, is one of the best, since Cristy is completely fucking insane and taken to sitting in her rubble-filled apartment naked, drawing on a sketchpad and ranting while chugging vodka and smoking crystal meth. She's awesome.

Add to this the fact that Cristy works as a stripper and makes fun of her sister for being fat and, well, you've got all the ingredients for a classic. ANYWAY, the appearance of this episode prompted the following text message exchange between me and The Sister last night:

The Sister: OMG that awesome intervention meth chick is on!

Me: I know. I'm recording it. She's the best.

Me: Intervention always makes me want to drink.

The Sister: Me too. Is that bad?

Me: Not sure.

The Sister: O god this chick is AWESOME