Friday, March 20, 2009

Bad advertising, Parts 1 and 2

Part 1:

I was just looking up Mission Hill Saloon, because it's the new place that took over the late great Sadie's Flying Elephant and I was curious. So on the Yelp page for the new place, here's the first picture you see:

So inviting! Can't wait to go there!

Part 2:

I can't find a picture of this anywhere online, so this might be blog post FAIL, but Cache Creek casino has these bus shelter ads with the caption "Play with the best" and the picture is this white guy and Asian guy at a poker table and the white guy is staring malevolently at the Asian guy. It's really weird. So the only two things that occur to me about this are (1) I guess the Asian guy is "the best" and the white guy is all "I'm gonna beat you, Asian guy," or (2) the white guy is shooting mental death rays into the Asian guy's skull. Either way, it's weird.

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