Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At least he didn't give her the golf tees with "United States of America" printed on the side

So I know everybody's all in a big tizzy about Obama giving the Queen of England an iPod during his visit there and blah blah blah how gauche and whatever but I'm all "That's a pretty cool fucking gift" and I wish he had loaded it up with the soundtrack from Superfly instead of the lame-ass show tunes he put on there. I mean, really, who the fuck wants to hear "Getting to Know You" when you could be fucking jamming to "Pusherman"?

Anyway, I was checking out the coverage in the Telegraph from the UK, and I got one word for that: H A T E R S. I thought Europeans all loved Obama. Guess not! Commenter "William" says:

The US president is a dreadful cur, with no appreciation for history or former relationships in the world. Even the dumb American people with grow to detest the very mention of his name. It will take a little while, however, because they have been so dumbed down by the educational system here.

Dude. I'd call you a dreadful cur, if I knew what that meant. I R STUPID. Must be the educational system here.

And what did the Queen give him? A framed picture - of herself!! Check out the ego on QEII!! How come no one's talking about that?! What if Obama had given her a framed picture of him and Michelle? People would have freaked the fuck out. Whatever.


Stephen said...

it's nice to know that comment trolling is an international phenomenon. OMGEnglandSUX!!1!

Kathleen said...

Agreed, I'd much rather have an iPod than a picture of the Queen.

The Western Territory Manager said...

That is fickin' funni know madder what anyton thinks. I heard 'e elso gave 8 bags of m&m's with a presidential seal, and autographed copy of his own book that was written for him, an ABBA's greatest CD with the 2for1 stikker still on it, and a fifth of Johnny Walker Red - all wrapped in a duty free bag from Heathrow. hahahahah