Monday, April 20, 2009

Yes, it's over 65 degrees OMG OMG


I swear, you live in this godforsaken windswept rock of a city for long enough and you actually forget what warm feels like. So yesterday it got up to, what, 88 degrees in SF and that brought out all the sickly pale people in tiny clothes all RUSHING RUSHING RUSHING to Dolores Park or the beach before the warm wears off, which will likely be Wednesday, I think.

NOT US! Since we are lucky enough to be the proud renters of a backyard, we had Stephen and Jessica over, along with their dog Todd. This is a very rare picture of Leland and Todd together:

So we hung out in the backyard and drank some beers and then ate this quinoa thing that Super Hot Irish Girlfriend made and then watched the Cristy episode of Intervention, which I can pretty much watch any time. More or less a perfect day, I'd say.

Saturday SHIG and I were out at the old ball yard to see the Giants lose a heartbreaker to the D-backs despite Timmy Lincecum's incredible 8-inning, 13-strikeout shutout. What a drag.

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