Friday, April 10, 2009

16th Century Fox

Spotted on Orange alley, near 24th Street, Mission sector:

"You must be from the Spanish Inquisition, because, baby, you are torturing me!"

Happy Friday, everyone!

Let us now return, as we must, to that unhappy peek into the deepest recesses of the reptilian brain known as the SFGate Comments section. Now, you may have heard that a possibly crazy and obviously retarded protester splattered the BART board with paint in a valiant attempt to make some kind of point about something. Yes, stupid, inane, whatever. Of course he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law blah blah blah. Speaking of, what would be an appropriate punishment for such an act? Gotta be something like a few days in jail and some community service and so forth, right? According to the Phi Beta Kappas that make up the SFGate Comments section, WRONG:

Sorry, but should be life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. We don't live in a state of anarchy (yet).

Throw this animal into Pelican Bay or San Quentin and throw away the key.

death penalty for this loser is a necessity

Yeah, life without parole or the death penalty. For throwing paint on someone. That seems about right. Y I K E S.

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Anonymous said...

Those guys have no idea what fun is. I bet they had some in childhood, but then all the keg stands wiped it out.

Poor wittow things.