Friday, June 7, 2013

True Tales of the Tenderloin

I've got a friend who's in her early 60's (but looks a lot younger) and works in the Tenderloin.  She told me she was walking to go work out down there and she passed what looked like a guy hassling this kind of scared-looking woman.  She's a do-gooder at heart, so she did what most of us would never do and stopped to ask the woman if she needed any help.  The woman, who was clearly shaken, said she was looking for the YMCA.  "Oh, that's where I'm going," my friend said.  "I'm going to the gym to work out."

The guy who was hassling the woman looked at her and said "Bitch, you don't need to work out!"

She said it was the best compliment she's ever gotten.

No real point to this story except I think it's hilarious.

Have a great weekend!


Tamagosan said...

Who said we weren't a city full of gentlemen??

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