Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cool new mural at Eddy & Polk

You know, where the combination KFC/Taco Bell is.  I would describe the crowd at that place as "vibrant."

Here's a big shot:

Wait, what is she holding?  Is that a little man?  What's going on here?

It's cool-looking, whatever's going on.  Here's a closeup of the face, looming up behind Brenda's.

Nice, huh?

Oh wow.  There's a Tenderloin blog called "Tenderlife" that I've never heard of before that is also featuring this mural.  Look here.

UPDATE!!!!!: I got a very nice email from Alaina at WallSpaceSF, the organization that, along with Fifty24SF Gallery and Upper Playground, made this whole thing happen.  She wanted you guys to know that artist's name is ARYZ.  I guess it's all-caps; that's how she wrote it.  ARYZ.  Anyway, great job, WallSpaceSF and ARYZ.

In a related story, I have owned several Upper Playground hoodies and can report without bias or influence that they are a superior product.


Michael Strickland said...

I have a hetero male blogger friend whose sexual fetish, shared by many I have been told, involves Giant Women. Toying with and crushing men just adds extra hard-on points. Thank you so much for capturing this for him.

And though I have a childhood affection for Taco Bell, I will not walk into one that shares a kitchen with a KFC, even one featuring that "vibrant" crowd.

Tamagosan said...

I biked up Polk Street YESTERDAY and somehow missed this. I am often distracted by the hotel that bares my first name as well as all the whales, so thanks for the reminder to look UP.

TK said...


I've actually heard of that fetish, although, like so many fetishes that aren't mine, I find it incomprehensible. Oh well. Glad to be of service to your friend.

The best part about the combo KFC/Taco Bell is that you can create hybrid orders, like a chicken drumstick with a chalupa. But I would hesitate to order anything from that particular branch.


If you were on Polk, as opposed to Eddy, I could see cruising right by without seeing it, especially if you were keeping your eyes out for needles and feces, which I would recommend along that part of Polk.

Tamagosan said...

I feel better then. I am showing great restraint by not detailing what I *did* see along that stretch of Polk, which is one of the grossest thing I've ever seen in SF. Also, it would show a lack of compassion, but mainly it's gross.

TK said...


Oh, come on. You CANNOT tease us like that and then withhold the goodies. Let's have it. What did you see? It can't be any worse than any of the numerous things I'm imagining.

Tamagosan said...

I know, I know. I thought I was taking the more compassionate route, but clearly I'm being mean here, too. Passing guy, smelled him first, thick dripping rivers of liquid feces streamed down the back of his legs and shorts in varying states of drying. Did not seem to notice. I *know* this doesn't sound that bad, but if you could have seen the streams... My colleague agreed, and he's around the TL every day. I've seen a lot of feces in my day (that away from which I pull my dog in the street, that which used to be in the million diapers I used to change, etc.) but the sheer spread of this tops the list of gross... Anyway, I feel bad now because it really was very sad, but he wasn't sad, aie...

generic said...

I live directly behind the left breast.