Thursday, May 16, 2013

The mysterious changing mural

Awhile back, I wrote about the big mural at Eddy and Polk, remember?  I liked it a lot.  Still do.  Here's a picture from that post:

Turns out the guy that painted it is kind of a big deal ("Aryz sits alongside names such as Banksy, JR, ROA and Blek le Rat") and SF Weekly wrote the whole thing up with lots of details I didn't know, like that.

But wait!  Look closely at another picture of the mural from Tenderlife, one of my new fave blogs:

Notice anything different?  No?  I'll tell you then.  The little man that the lady was clutching in her fingers has been magically transformed into a much more innocuous apple.  What happened?

First they came for the macrophiliacs, and I did not speak out . . . .


Tamagosan said...

Perhaps the man lives in the apple. Is there no place for surrealism?
But srsly, how is that ok? Must. Have. Backstory.

Tracy Lee said...

Ha, I love this and would love to know the backstory.