Friday, May 18, 2012

Product Endorsement: Spotify

DISCLAIMER: I have not received any money for this endorsement. I would totally be open to that, though, so if the endorsee wants to send me a check, have at it.

I know what you've been saying. "If I hear one more thing about the Facebook IPO, I will fucking run into a grocery store and start smashing jars of pickles on the ground and shrieking about my impending suicide." No, what you've actually been saying is "I need a good subscription-based music service that will enable me to listen to anything I want, from my fave slow jamz to Pavement's 'Slanted and Enchanted' to the new Beach House (which is pretty great, BTW) on my computer at home or work or, fuck it, on my cell."

I joined Spotify about a month ago and I fucking love it.

Here's the thing: the basic version, where you can just listen to any fucking thing you want on your computer? Is free. It has ads, but what do you want? FREE.

I'm kind of a big deal, so I went ahead and sprung for the $10/month Premium version. No ads, first of all. And I can access it on my mobile. So far so good, right? Well hold on to your fucking hat. You can even listen to it on your mobile OFFLINE. So dial up Nas' "Illmatic" and set it to "Available Offline" and listen to it reclined in seat 14A on the way to MIAMI BABY. Or wherever it is you go.

I know I sound like a hopeless shill. But I am telling you the truth, this was like the fifth or sixth best thing that's ever happened to me.

(The catalog seems pretty deep, too. I've only searched for a couple of things they didn't have, and it was admittedly some pretty obscure shit. So I think you'll be fine.)

IN OTHER NEWS, I have recently moved to an area near the Bay to Breakers course, so I'll be close to that for the first time in years and years. I'm interested to see what it's like these days. When I used to live near-ish the only thing I remember was being woken up by helicopters but that's when I used to sleep until like 1 pm on Sundays and I don't really do that any more cause I'm old now.



Stephen said...

You now understand my Rhapsody experience of a couple years ago.

Lindsey said...

spotify premium was one of the best decisions i've made this year.

Tamagosan said...

My music milestone of the year: Borrowing someone's little recorder thing to hook up to our receiver and digitize all my cassettes. I like to keep the 21st century at bay.

Stoney said...

Ditto Stephen's comment. I remember daydreaming, in the early 90s, of having a copy of ALL MUSIC*. Well, here it is.

*except for The Beatles, Led Zepp and AC/DC

and a few rare EPs most people won't miss

but you can always listen to AC/DC Tribute Band. I bet they rock.

Rocco said...

i took that picture. that is all.

Emelie said...

I love your one line here... "I am kind of a big deal". I probably would have said "I am kinda the shit" but i think i like yours better. AND you can say that to a kid without aiding to a delinquency of a minor! Love your blog. Thanks for watching the Bachelor so i do not ever have to!! ;)

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