Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Todays' Worst Groupon of the Day

Lily European Pedi-Mani Salon – San Mateo
One or Three Adult Deluxe Mani-Pedi Packages or One Kids' Deluxe Mani-Pedi Package

Yes, that's right. A KIDS' DELUXE MANI-PEDI PACKAGE. At first, I was all like "Maybe they mean teenagers." But no, the Fine Print says "Must be 15 or under for children's option."

That's fucked.

I mean, it's bad enough these days with the overprotective helicopter parents and the kids being super-indulged and running around crazy in restaurants while the parents sigh and say "Isn't Colton adorable?" But this is fucked up. If you think your 8-year-old needs a mani-pedi, you are hereby sentenced to watch 10 episodes of "Toddlers and Tiaras" UNIRONICALLY. That means no laughing/no making fun of anyone on that show.

If your child needs nail work done, get some nail clippers from Walgreens and go to town. But if you strongly believe that your child would benefit from having its "feet soak in a bacteria-free crystal pedicure bowl filled with fragrant rose petals and orange slices" and then having someone "exfoliate feet and invigorate lower legs with a soothing massage before daubing epidermal canvases with a moisturizing mask and a coat of warm, skin-softening paraffin wax," you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. You probably don't vaccinate either and you're the reason we're all going to die of whooping cough and rubella. Thanks a lot.


GG said...

I don't want to defend this sort of thing, but I've seen people get mani/pedis for their kids as a means of basically having the kid babysat while they get their own mani/pedis. I recognize that's problematic on its own, but at least it's not centered on making the kid pageant-perfect, but rather the practical necessity of keeping little Jaceelynnne quiet/busy so you can get your own shit taken care of. P.S. I LOVE TODDLERS & TIARAS. It's like "Best in Show" but REAL.

Andrea Prete said...

As a mother who sends her 13 year old to a school where nail polish, make-up and hair dye are specifically banned, I totally disagree with you. Going out for a mani-pedi is a fun mother-daughter activity that happens maybe twice a year in our house. It's something I can do with my teenager and still retain my street cred in her eyes. I vaccinate my kids. I don't put up with their smack in restaurants. I don't make them speak French and play the viola. I don't feed them go-go juice, and when the TV is on, which is all the time, we watch quality TV like Finding Bigfoot and Bob's Burgers and not Toddlers and Tiaras. I also teach my kids that make-up (mani/pedi) is like jewelry. You only need a little and you never need it to be beautiful. So there.

Montana Wildhack said...
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Montana Wildhack said...
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