Sunday, February 19, 2012

Three Unrelated Observations

1. Remember when Gmail first started and one of their selling points was that you got unlimited storage, so you wouldn't ever have to delete any emails? Well, how come at the bottom of my Gmail screen it says "12% full" and"Using 986 MB of your 7681 MB"? DOESN'T SOUND LIKE UNLIMITED STORAGE TO ME GOOGLE. Now, admittedly, 7681 MB is kind of a lot and there's no real reason to save most of my emails but still.

2. We're in the process of moving and we took a bunch of stuff from our old place and put it in a box on the sidewalk in front of our house with a "FREE" sign on it and let me tell you, we inadvertently designed a FASCINATING PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPERIMENT and, as The Wife said, you could just sit there all day and watch who browses and takes what out of the Free Box and it is endless and free entertainment.

One of the oddest things we had, I guess, was a Hello Kitty mini water dispenser that The Wife bought once and we filled it with red wine and put it out at a party. So that went into the free box and some guy in a Lexus SUV scooped up the dispenser part and not the water bottle part! WHAT THE FUCK! It doesn't do anything without the water bottle part! Also, CREEPY.

3. Goddam Girl Scout rolling her little wagon full of GS Cookies down the sidewalk right in front of my house, like some kind of Mobile Fattening Station. I've been holding out but FUCK I'M NOT MADE OF WOOD I GIVE I GIVE. These lemon shortbread things are new and also fucking delicious.


sfmike said...

We dumped a futon sofabed thingie, complete with pillows, onto to the sidewalk across the street late at night some years ago, and spent the next day watching it being stripped SECTIONALLY by the Interesting People of our neighborhood, with what seemed no rhyme or reason. You're right, it was disturbingly fascinating entertainment.

sfmike said...
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GG said...

It turns out it's only about $5 a year to get some fucking ridiculous amount of storage for your gmail account, so that's what I did. Also, if you are a heavy Google Docs user, you can spread that storage around to that and other Google services:

Tamagosan said...

1. I remember it as 1 GB compared to 250 MB of the Yahoo! I was using. It seemed unlimited to me, but I'm at like 80%. I bought the $5 ridiculous storage for posting all my Guam pics. The price I pay for blogging! Also, I recently signed into my old Yahoo! account because I'm into irritating myself for no reason apparently, and it was laughably complicated. Kind of like the TSA runs it! Pointless security, baffling procedures and really bad UI. Yay!

2. I just cleaned out hella shit from our garage and was a responsible citizen and scheduled a Bulky Item Pickup through Recology instead of littering the neighborhood with my crap. And YES it was fascinating! AN HOUR after putting everything out at like 7 pm, almost everything was gone: two old TVs (one broken), rug, BROKEN 30-y-o water heater, old printer and wire shelving. To be fair, I picked up the wire shelving from a corner in Presidio Heights and never used it. So I guess it had a good garbage pedigree. They left the couch and baby gate.

3. I will not explain the Samoa frenzy at Tower Market the other day when my better half and I so obviously enabled the other to participate in the Mobile Fattening Station. To think that used to be me selling those Carmel Delights...