Monday, February 6, 2012

The 2012 Giants: I Know How Hard This Has Been For You

Voila, the San Francisco Giants 2012 motto:

I guess it's better than "All Out, All Season," 2008's execrable slogan, but not my much. It has that sort of plaintive quality. Like:

The 2012 Giants: Please, Let's Don't Fight Anymore

The 2012 Giants: I Didn't Mean It Like That, Baby

The 2012 Giants: Don't Say That. You Don't Mean That.

The 2012 Giants: That's Fine. We'll Be Fine Without You. You'll See.

(Anyway, just got my tickets for Magnet Schedule Night, Monday, April 16, against the Phils. Baseball will be upon us soon. THANK GOD.)


sfmike said...

As my partner said after winning $50 via a freak accident in the third quarter pool at a gay softball fundraiser, "The best thing about the Super Bowl? It means football season is over, and we can finally get back to baseball."

Unknown said...

Monday night? Hope there's no Bachelor(ette) then!

t said...

that isn't a joke? i kind of love it.

i honestly have a countdown until opening day. please let it be april now.

Tamagosan said...

@sfmike: I'd contend that the best thing about the Superbowl is that it allows me to repeat the self-righteous refrain that drives everyone I know nuts "Football game? Yeah, sure, pass the wings, whatever. I'm just waiting for the one true sport to start."

This year the best thing about the Superbowl was zero lift lines at Squaw.

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