Monday, May 16, 2011

Special 40goingon28 Food Edition.

I'm not a food blogger because I don't like quinoa and don't take cell-phone pics of my dinner, but I am a blogger who likes food and so sometimes I write about food and restaurants and shit.

You guys all know how important brunch is to me, so when I find a new Brunch Situation it feels pretty important. On Saturday The Wife and I went to Farmerbrown for brunch. Been there for dinner before and liked it but LOVED THE BRUNCH.

First off, we had a rez for 12:30 but there were a couple of assholes who linger over their waters for about an hour after they pay the check who were totally hogging our table but the host guy was totally apologetic and then gave us free mimosas when it got to be 12:45 because he could see that I was a little tightly wound and might have FREAKED OUT or something if it went much farther. So that was pretty nice.

For some reason, I love a good breakfast buffet (shout out to the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, still the best breakfast buffet I've ever had, WTF did you guys do to make that so fucking good?) and they have a sweet buffet at Farmerbrown for $16.50 apiece.

(I should also say that I was enjoying my second mimosa but The Wife ordered some kind of julep and then wouldn't drink it because it has bourbon in it and she didn't know that juleps are a bourbon-based drink and so I chivalrously traded my mimosa to her and took her julep and it was OK but I would have rather had the mimosa. Give her a break, she's not from this country.)

So in addition to the usual scrambled eggs and bacon, this buffet also had GRITS (pretty good, not the best I've ever had), pancakes, biscuits and gravy. and fucking FRIED CHICKEN which was really, really good. I totally went in saying "I'm sure I won't eat any more than I usually do" and that was a lie. I had 2 full plates. That shit was awesome. Highly recommended. They also have bottomless mimosas but I think they're like $14 and you'd need to be there a while to get your money's worth with that.

I also like the art:
Definitely going back. And see, I got this whole thing without using the words "gritty" or "colorful" because it's in the TL (corner of Turk & Mason). I also liked the hip hop the DJ was spinning. GO THERE AND HAVE BRUNCH.

Oh, other food thing. Last night I made roasted chicken and brussels sprouts. You want some good brussels sprouts? Quarter about a pound of sprouts. Saute about 4 chopped up slices of bacon until crispy, add the sprouts, salt & pepper, then add about 1/4 cup of water and cover and simmer for like 5 minutes, then uncover and keep simmering until the water's gone, like 5-10 more minutes.

Roasting a chicken's no big secret. Just melt butter and olive oil and pour it over that thing and stick a lemon half up in there and put the whole mess in at 425 for about an hour-fifteen. Then watch this:

This has been the Food Edition of 40goingon28.


Laura said...

I have to agree, Farmer Browns does a kick ass brunch! As a fellow brunch fanatic, may I suggest you take a trip to Germany. Brunch in Germany consists of every possible food item located in a kitchen being placed in a buffet line for some serious brunching. This is standard at a family home or hotel brunch. Go do it now! You can thank me later. :)

generic said...

You had me right up until the DJ.

Tamagosan said...

farmberbrown's biscuits are pretty tasty, so having them in a buffet would be truly dangerous... Best not even think about the fried chicken...

@Laura: I forgot all about German brunches; thanks for the reminder. Sweet and savory madness.