Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who will finally look out for me and my fellow white males?

After much consideration and careful deliberation, I must reluctantly announce that I am compelled to join in opposition to the appointment to the Supreme Court of Sonia Sotomayor. As a straight white male, I simply cannot accept yet another Supreme Court justice who is unwilling to look out for my rights.

Like my fellow straight white males, I have felt the sting of discrimination many times. It becomes so routine, we internalize - nay, even accept - it, but that doesn't make it right. I feel it every time I step onto a dance floor or eat spicy food. When I walk into my corner store, the guys suddenly stop talking in Arabic or whatever it is they speak and then just smile at me and I know they were just talking about me. There are whole blogs dedicated to making fun of me.

And now you want to put a justice on the Supreme Court who doesn't have, as her top priority, protecting the rights of me and my fellow white males? I proudly join with my brothers Jeff Sessions and Lindsey Graham and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

In other news, convicted Laci-killer Scott Peterson (or, I guess, his family) has set up a website seeking donations to help pay for his appeal. Um, good luck with that.


SAWB said...

Right on, dawg! Unfortunately though, the fix is in.

TheSteve said...

Every President's choice of S.C. Judge is a reflection of his inner psyche and beliefs.

Here's another website, by an educated individual, that might interest you...

Peace out.

TK said...

Hi TheSteve -

I have no idea what "Race Traitor" magazine has to do with Sotomayor or Obama or my piece, for that matter.

Obviously, there are extremists on all sides of every debate. For every Stormfront there's a Race Traitor. Extremism of any kind is usually not such a great idea.

I'm not sure I agree that a president's pick for the Supreme Court is necessarily a reflection of his inner psyche. Presidents pick justices for all kinds of reasons, chiefly because they believe the nominee will behave a certain way once he or she is on the bench. They're often wrong.

Thanks for reading, though!