Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do we have a developing snake situation here?

Perhaps in advance of the End of Times on December 21, 2012, there has been a sudden uptick in Documented Snake Acitivity. Why, just this morning, our friend Inger noticed this disturbing sign posted in Noe Valley:

Jesus Christ! I can handle lost adorable kittens, but a FOUR FOOT LONG MOTHERFUCKING SNAKE? Sure, let me just scoop him up and give you a call!

Then there was this disturbing post on SFist:

That's up at Bernal Hill, where we walk the dog sometimes! I mean, used to walk the dog sometimes!!!!

Now, normally snakes don't really bother me much (although, in the case of the two large-ish snakes described above, I might make an exception), but you have to understand that The Wife has a deep-seated, nay, pathological fear of snakes. In fact, she told me once, "If I was ever in a locked room with a snake and a gun, I'd shoot myself." We can only hope that this recent flurry of snake activity is followed quickly by the End of the World, for her sakes.

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