Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anatomy of a market crash

Hey, the World Baseball Classic is going on at AT&T Park!  No one gives a shit because the USA is out of it.  Americans!  We're so provincial.

(If you are one of the people who actually does care and is American, hats off to you.  I'm employing a rhetorical device called "hyperbole" when I say "no one gives a shit."  Obviously SOMEONE gives a shit.  Someone has to show up and operate the cameras and so forth.  And also there's you.)

Thanks to the Miracle of Twitter, we have this intel about what tickets prices were like a few months ago.

And here's the aforementioned screenshot:

According to the people responding to this tweet, this price represents a three-game strip of tickets.  Still, expensive!  Club Left Field, my usual haunt at AT&T, is about $83 a game, and that's before Ticketmaster fees of $7,500 to $95,500 per ticket.

The Championship Game is tonight!  It's Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic, which is essentially the same as any regular MLB game with 3 fewer white people.  Fancy a seat in Club Left Field?  Hop on over to StubHub and grab one for $29.50.  That's a lot less than $83!  And StubHub's service fees are a miniscule fraction of Ticketmaster's, let me assure you.

So what's the point of this whole thing?  Nothing, I guess.  Americans don't care about sporting events unless America's playing.  Something, whatever.


Tamagosan said...

The folks that were at last night's game were stoked to be there, except for the Dutch, who came back disappointed but okay because, well, they're Dutch and that's how they roll.

The falling ticket prices were much discussed as well, and someone I talked to said his season ticket holder optioned ones weren't going on StubHub no matter what...

Tonight should be interesting! Hopefully the drunk-bros-jumping-into-McCovey-Cove-from-their-boat act will be repeated! Us bike valets see a lot, but some shows are better than others.

Michael Strickland said...

"Ticketmaster fees of $7,500 to $95,500 per ticket" is pure hyperbole since they are really only $750 to $9,999 per ticket, but I appreciate your point.

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