Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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Dear Loyal Customer,

We admit it. We made a mistake.

We know you’ve come to count on 40 Going On 28’s wry blend of news, information, and humor, and you’re understandably distressed when there are no new posts for a while. You feel like you’re not getting the service you’ve paid for, and you’re right.

Although we hate to make excuses, we have to tell you that the last few weeks have been kind of a trial and whatnot. We’ve been in the process of completing a rather complex transaction we’ll tell you more about later, but suffice it to say at this point that we’ve been dealing pretty much 24/7 with a parade of idiots that make your typical preschool class look like a meeting of Phi Beta Kappa at M.I.T. Seriously, it is sort of mind-boggling that the people who are in charge of managing one of the most complicated things you’ll ever take part in can’t figure out what the fuck they’re doing. It’s frustrating!

But we know what you’re thinking. “Boo hoo, like I give a shit. WHERE’S MY CONTENT.” Fair enough. We’ll be back on track pretty soon with all the rage and bile you’ve come to expect and need.

We value your loyalty, and appreciate your patience during this trying time.



idrumgood said...

Get a blister on your typin' finger?

Tamagosan said...

I remember thinking during a particularly NORMAL real estate purchase that everyone acted as if it were the VERY first time they'd done something as crazy as all sign the same papers. The people on our side were great, but the others, oh the others... I'm kind of enjoying the break, this new job forces me to severely limit my internet consumption. (To be remedied with careful delegation and creative deadlines...)

sfmike said...

I'm taking all my readership to a Community Blog.

Opinionated Lady said...


Just kidding. Best of luck to you. Looking forward to your regular updates.