Saturday, June 11, 2011

That's right, Bumgarner's hitting cleanup.

Last night or maybe this morning I received a provocative text message from Olu. It was "Let's crush some 40s and watch this video of a Marina girl throwing up that's on this iPhone I found on the bus." No, not really. It said:

"Thought experiment. Could the Giants pitchers defeat the Giants hitters? Mind you the hitters have to pitch, and the pitchers have to field all positions."


FACT: Olu and I are kind of baseball geeks. The kind that might think about this.

FACT: The pitchers totally win. Check out the pitchers' lineup:

2B R Ramirez .213
SS S Casilla .238
1B M Cain .233
RF M Bumgarner .268
CF R Vogelsong .226
C G Mota .273
LF J Sanchez .205
3B B Wilson .224
P T Lincecum .224

Are you shitting me? How is that any worse than the actual lineup they're throwing out there today? PITCHERS TOTALLY SMOKE THE POSITION PLAYERS.

Who's gonna pitch for the Fieldies? Schierholtz, I guess. We know he has a cannon. But even an 80 mph fastball is only a little bit better than batting practice. Can you see Nate turning and watching a J-San knock sail over the left field wall? YOU THINK NATE CAN THROW A SLIDER? Fuck that shit.

I would totally pay to see this, too.

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Tamagosan said...

Yikes, some stats are best left uncalculated. Depressing, but very interesting. And yes, this would be awesome to put in a fantasy line-up for the season to see what happened...