Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She left the cat in charge

This morning at around 4:30 a.m. (I think, I'm not really sure) Super Hot Irish Girlfriend got up and left to go to Baton Rouge for work. That's funny, I didn't know she was a riverboat gambler or an offensive line coach. Anyway, I got up and walked the dog around 6:30 and when we got back he started an intensive search of the house, like all "WTF? Where's that lady?" Then he was super-needy until I left.

Speaking of football, SHIG has a semi-intense crush on Kyle Chandler, who plays Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights, which is a great show that you should be watching if you're not already.

Although the show is tangentially about football, it's really more concerned with the interrelationships between the characters in the small Texas town where it's set. I was immediately impressed with the dialogue, because it sounds like how people actually talk, and that's pretty rare for a TV show. If you need proof that you don't have to know about football to enjoy the show, last Friday SHIG paused a football scene and asked me what "downs" are. And it's basically her favorite show, so there you go.

In other news, there was a shooting early Monday morning outside the L'Amour nightclub, which the Chron says is in North Beach but which is actually in Chinatown. At one point when I lived nearby in North Beach, a friend and I got on this kick of visiting really weird little Chinatown bars and clubs, and hoo boy, was that place one of the weirdest. It was a long time ago, but I vaguely remember lots of middle-aged Chinese guys smoking and drinking whiskey and singing really bad songs on karaoke. I can't imagine what a 21-year-old kid from Oakland found appealing about it. Maybe it's different now.

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Rocco said...

many good times in li po and buddha bar. from what i remember, anyway.