Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Did they sneak a venue into the Mission under our noses?

Apparently without anyone really noticing, what appears to be a fairly major venue is going to open in the Mission relatively soon. Why isn't this getting more coverage? I don't know, maybe it is and I just haven't noticed.

Here's a story in Mission Local from 2010:

The Planning Commission gave the owner of 777 Valencia the OK on Thursday to begin construction of two restaurants and a jazz venue, Preservation Hall West.

“We see great things for a long time to come in the Mission District,” said Jack Knowles, the owner of the property. Knowles also owns Oakland’s A Coté restaurant.

The Chapel at 777 Valencia will be an upscale restaurant serving New Orleans and Southern food, and the Second Line Café will offer more casual and moderately priced dining. The adjacent parking space will serve as outdoor seating for the café, and the auditorium will be an entertainment venue, according to the plans.

The Mission restaurants will take up 4,581 square feet and the jazz venue an additional 2,575 square feet at 777 Valencia, vacant since New College closed in 2008. The other former New College space, on the west side of the same block on Valencia, has been transformed into offices for tech start-ups and the Summit café.
Look, a rendering:

So far, interesting enough, but they're apparently already selling tickets for shows IN OCTOBER. And I'm talking about some serious fucking heavy hitters. Check out this lineup of shows for sale. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band on October 4 with motherfucking STEVE EARLE? October 4 is like 2 weeks from now. Is this place already built? And then Elvis Costello doing 2 shows on the 6th? Justin Townes Earle on the 7th?

(You should note that the Elvis Costello show is a benefit, and tickets are $150 apiece, so I guess the only people who live within walking distance who'll be going are the residents of 299 Valencia.)

I guess I'm just surprised I haven't heard more about this. Anyway, I'm at work. Can somebody go by and take a look and see if it's done?


Stephen said...

I posted this on MissionMission as well.

After reading your post, I walked by. Parts are still 2x4 studs. There are stacks of drywall lying around. Serious undone-ness. Other parts, however, appear to be finished - dark red paint on the walls and everything, though without lighting installed (an easy job).

My guess - they'll have enough done to start rocking, but not to start cooking.

TK said...

Thanks for the report. It'll be interesting to see if they can pull it off. I mean, I'm sure they'll have the shows one way or another, but I wonder whether they'll have a full bar. And how did they get a liquor license, anyway?

Tamagosan said...

From my daily 0.06-second inspection as I whiz by on the bicycle, all I've noticed is construction, construction, construction... Hmm, I now realize I've violated everything I just read about on a work-related blog about being a good commenter. I'll go away now and put on the brakes next time I ride by 777.

Tamagosan said...

There's been a lot of drywall going into that place the past few mornings. Saw some kitchen-equipment-looking fixtures on Mon...

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