Monday, July 23, 2012


I know I have been neglecting you, my Loyal Readers. Sorry. I've been on vacation at my Dad's place in semi-rural Tennessee and what with the drinking and eating and cooking and drinking and eating i really haven't had s chance. Plus his Internet connection is really unreliable for some reason and I'm actually typing this post on an iPhone do I have no idea if this will even work or look right at all.

We went by this place yesterday in Lieper's Fork, Tennessee called Puckett's Grocery that's not really a grocery; it's more of a restaurant and very small live music venue. There was a country band playing there yesterday afternoon around 2 to a somewhat interested crowd of about 25. Anyway, the sign out front still had the lineup for Saturday on it and it said "Jack White" and I was like "That's not JACK WHITE Jack White, right?" but it turns out that the famous Jack White runs a record label in Nashville and actually lives in Lieper's Fork and it would be pretty weird if another Jack White was doing gigs in the town where Jack White lives and was using his name so the upshot is I guess we missed seeing Jack White scare the tourists in a 45-person capacity grocery store/venue. Oh well.

Moving on, I know the Bachelorette finale was last night and you people are like jackals on rotten meat with your MORE MORE GIVE ME RECAP but I'm flying back to SF today and won't get in until tonight and so probably no recap until Wednesday. Sorry.

It'll be kinda sad to leave here. The nights are warm and pleasant and we've been sitting outside drinking on the patio every night and my Dad is a hoot but honestly I gotta get home. Also, I don't know what it is with tailgating here but I'm looking forward to driving somewhere without a monster truck grille inches from my rear bumper.

EDIT/UPDATE - I just looked up Jack White's tour schedule (AFTER I did this post, not before, natch) and it apoears he was at some music festival in Dover, DE this past weekend so it couldn't have been him. Weird. WATCH YOUR BACK JACK WHITE SOMEONE IS TRYING TO MOVE IN ON YOUR TURF USING YOUR NAME THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!!!!

SECOND EDIT/UPDATE - Well, it looks like he was headlining the festival on Friday night so I guess it's theoretically possible that he could have then returned to Nashville and done a gig the following night in Lieper's Fork. Possible but unlikely? I guess we'll never know. Ok, no more updates, sorry. Sorry about all this.


GG said...

Wow, it never would have occurred to me that you could put "Tennessee" and "vacation" in the same sentence. Glad it was fun BUT COME ON WITH THE RECAP COME ON COME ON

Tamagosan said...

Yes, we feel neglected, but really after the lack of comments a while back, we're lucky you still deal with us at all.

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