Monday, August 8, 2011

This is a partial list of things that unaccountably enrage me and probably shouldn't

1. People who take up 2 parking spaces
2. Perfectly able people who push the handicapped door opener button and then stand there and let the doors majestically swing open like they're the Queen of England
4. People who yell into their cell phones
5. People who chatter away obliviously on cell phones while they're blocking an aisle in the grocery store or blocking the sidewalk or something
6. Pretty much anyone talking on a cell phone in public, ever. Text, you bastards, text.
7. People who walk more than two abreast on a sidewalk. BONUS: They're walking slowly. DOUBLE BONUS: They're walking four abreast and all talking on cell phones.
8. iTunes
9. "There is a new version of iTunes available. Would you like to download?" Hey Apple, how about saving up the changes and just releasing a new version once every six months, instead of every other day?
10. The bagger at Safeway yesterday who put my bread at the bottom of the bag
11. Fox Sports


Anonymous said...

People who walk across a shopping center parking lot without even looking.

Anonymous said...

I want this concept cell phone by Ideo to be standard issue to LoudTalkers:

It gives the receiving party an electric shock if the caller speaks too loudly. Awesome, since LoudTalkers would effectively be ostracized telephonically.

Anonymous said...

People with clipboards in front of grocery stores who don't take no for an answer.

Opinionated Lady said...

Couldn't agree more!

I have one to add: people who force open the MUNI train doors just as they're about to close. I take the MUNI trains to/from work and this morning as the doors are about to close on my very overcrowded one car train that was already delayed headed inbound - a girl forced the door open at the last second to get in. This happens a lot on the commute home as well. It drives me nuts! My favorite part is when they end up breaking the doors and the whole train goes out of service!

TK said...

HOLY SHIT OPINIONATED LADY I meant to add "People who force open the doors of Muni trains" after being on a train yesterday when this very thing happened. You are a mind reader.

So yes, #12, People who force open the doors of Muni trains and make that alarm go off and hold up the whole train.

Rocco said...

did you get #7 from me? that's always been mine. do you huff at them as you squeal past them to teach them a lesson? bc that's what i do.

bagpuss said...

#7 drives me nuts ...

Jef Poskanzer said...

People who call the "/" character "backslash".

Susan said...

Totally agree on #7

Also the people who won't share the sidewalk - it's just like the road with 2 way traffic - lanes going both directions.

Tamagosan said...

Re: 10.: Bagging your own is the way to go. That way you only have your partner to blame if they get bagged wrongly, even if they weren't there at the store. Sometimes I blame the dog, too.