Friday, August 5, 2011

Fox has now completely Onionized itself

From Fox Nation (via Dave Weigel on Slate):

I normally wouldn't even touch this because, hey Fox News and all, but it appears that they have finally rounded the corner into complete and total self-parody and I thought I'd just leave this here as a marker of that event.

This cracks me up, obviously, and not just because it's a transparently racist sop to hardcore conservatives but also because WHEN DID CHARLES BARKLEY AND CHRIS ROCK START RAPPING? God, I hope they aren't rapping.

Also, just because everyone loves a good counterfactual, can you imagine if NPR ran a headline like "George Bush's redneck hootenanny fails to stop terrorism" or "Dick Cheney's wild gunfire party fails to prevent fellow plutocrat from getting face half blown off"? I mean, I think NPR would be a lot more entertaining if they did that, but no, you can't imagine that.

But hey, "fair and balanced"!


Stoney said...

Maybe they confused them for Gnarls Barkley and Pete Rock.

.tupouleota. said...

I'm sure Fox was convinced the punch was really Kool-Aid.

periqueblend said...

I was going to say that I wished you'd read the comments on that 'article' and written about that, but we already know what they say.

Stephen said...

Don't forget DJ Pelosi & MC Rahm Emanuel - the hip, the hop, the hippy to the hop and you don't stop!

Shee-it, Old Crazy Tom Hanks made it too!

OMFG, it looks like University of Chicago Hospital Vice-President (and baggy-panted impresario of up-and-coming SwagLife Recording Company) Dr. Eric Whitaker made it too. Shit just got r-izz-eal.

Tamagosan said...

The Fox News music affiliate radio station on Guam (which was also a weird Jesus station sometimes that played the super-scary Focus on the Family segments that appealed to the socially conservative Catholics on island but which also played songs I liked so I would end up listening to but then freaking out when the talking part came on) had a motto: We Report, You Decide. Of course it should have been: We Decide, We Report, You Think You Decide... details, details...