Friday, April 30, 2010

Unexpected New Bar Night: Bollyhood Cafe

So Stephen and I were drinking at Homestead last night and I was bemoaning the fact that here it was April 29 and I hadn't gone to a new bar this month and I was basically violating the sanctity of New Bar Night and I was consequently in a state of despair.

(SIDE NOTE 1: I like Homestead and all, but is there ever a time when it's not TOTALLY FUCKING PACKED? We were there at 7:30, still light out, wall to wall people. Seriously, when do I have to go there to not get bumped into a million times by some chick taking her (admittedly cute) chi-terrier mix back and forth for some unknown reason? Maddening.)

(SIDE NOTE 2: Yes, I know that on my extended East Coast Tour I probably went to like 20 New Bars. But the Rules of New bar Night are plain and they are clear: The New Bar must be within the limits of the City and County of San Francisco. So no matter how great the Silver Peso might be or how many prototype Apple products are available for stealing at the Gourmet Haus Staudt, those bars are simply not available for New Bar Night.)

So Stephen says, "Fear not! For I can help," or something like that. Down 19th Street we walked to the Bollyhood Cafe.

Pic stolen from "Furilo" on Flickr. Thanks, Furilo.

Despite the name, this does not seem to be an even vaguely Indian-themed bar. I don't know, maybe since it's next door to Little Baobab they thought there was some kind of National Theming Requirement on this block or something. Anyway, nice bar! Apparently started by some guys who used to work at Gestalt before that place had what I gather was a somewhat fractious change in ownership. Nice big room, interesting beer selection, friendly bartender.

Here's how friendly: When we were there, one of those Old Drunk Guys you see in bars (and no, I don't mean me, har har har) had reached his limit and it was time for him to go. Now, at most bars, the bartender would go "GET THE FUCK OUT" or something like that, but the bartender at Bollyhood is so nice it was more like Bollyhood was breaking up with the Old Drunk Guy. "Listen," he said, "I think it's probably time for you to go." "Mmmrphrrble," said the Old Drunk Guy. "No, really, it's been great, but this isn't really working out for us, and there are a lot of other bars out there, and I'm sure you'll be happy again with some other bar," the bartender said, or something like that.

Then this guy started playing music on his acoustic guitar and singing and we had to go. Apparently live music is one of the features as well.

ANYWAY, yeah, I like it. Not really a Destination Bar but a comfortable hang. Three and a half stars.

IN OTHER NEWS, have you guys noticed this? You know the new Safeway ads with the logo that looks like this?

Does that, um, remind you of anything?

Now, I'm not saying that Safeway is aiming for the Former Punker demographic or anything, but kids who were into Black Flag would be just about at the kids & minivan age now. I'M JUST SAYING IT'S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. I'm not trying to start a "Flagger" movement or anything but JUST LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE AND COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

Oh, speaking of Black Flag, how awesome is this?

OK, this is like a fucking novel now. That'll do it for today.

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mockduck said...

I bumbled into the Bollywood Cafe one afternoon during my trip back in desperate need of coffee (there used to be a cafe in that space). The weird mildly-implied Indian theme and whole 'is this a cafe or is it a bar, and is it open yet?' question threw me into confusion and precipitated a haggard retreat on my part. So, it's nice to read some clarification about what this danged place is all about.