Monday, April 12, 2010

Boring travelogue, Part 5: A tale of two restaurants

We're outta NYC to DC on Amtrizzle today. New York, it's been great, despite the liver damage and the crowds of tourists EVERYWHERE and the heat. The heat! I didn't pack for this. Just a few things to wrap up:

- Remember Nate Appleman, the chef from A16 on Chestnut? He moved to NYC and opened his own place called Pulino's and it was fucking phenomenal. We split a pizza margherita with prosciutto and something called fazzoletti which we didn't know what that was but liked the sound of the lamb ragu and ricotta. It turns out to be these long flat pillowy sheets of pasta covered with the ragu and let me tell you you want to get up on some fazzoletti ASAP.

Fantastic meal, and then we get the bill. So it's 2 cocktails, a bottle-sized carafe of primitivo, a pizza, the fazzoletti, a coffee and a double espresso. And remember, it's in New York, and it's totally packed and super trendy. The damage? $98. We were both like "Let's get the fuck out of here before they realize they left off the food" or whatever, but it all checked out. $98!

- On the other side of the coin we have Abigail in Brooklyn, the less said about which the better but I will say that when there are a total of about 15 tables, waiting over an hour from ordering to food is totally fucked. And the food? You don't want to know.

- I liked Brooklyn a lot overall, though.

- Gotta go March on Washington. L8R.

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