Friday, April 16, 2010

Boring travelogue, Part 8: Douchebags and the Women who Love Them

Every city has one. An area like the RiverStroll or the Old Porte or The Landing - that old warehouse-y kind of district that they cleaned up and redeveloped and now it has a bunch of ootsy restaurants and loft-y bars and maybe a Buffalo Billiards and definitely a generic Irish bar where the only Irish thing is an Irish flag and Guinness on tap. Like in Nashville, TN, it's Lower Broad and in San Diego it's the Gaslamp District and in Richmond where we are now it's Shockoe Slip. This area may have been warehouses and railroad tracks at one point but now it's a repository of douchebags and girls in tiny dresses and shaved-head bouncers. When I lived in Richmond years ago I never once went down there and now I see why.

Stop One: Sine, with a little accent over the "e". It's an Irish bar in the sense that it has an Irish name and they have Guinness on tap. Full of douchebags with polo shirts tucked into their khaki shorts and wearing penny loafers or mandals. Girls with too much makeup and those little dresses that look like skirts worn up around their chests.

(Side Note: It was 91 degrees in Richmond today and like 80 when we went out so I'm describing warm weather wear.)

We had a couple of pints at Sine and left when the cover band started playing Tom Petty songs too loud.

Stop Two: We walked down Cary Street past a huge collection of Douchebags Wearing Affliction and the Women Who Like Them and went to Stool Pigeons, which is, unbelievably, a CHAIN OF SPORTS BARS with the worst name ever and which turned out to be great despite the fact that they didn't have the Giants-Dodgers game on because it wasn't too crowded and we had a nice booth.

Stop Three: Some jackass place called Europa that had techno downstairs that was bleeding through upstairs enough to make it almost unbearable.

Then we went back to the unbelievably opulent and Way Out of Our League Jefferson Hotel. $7 cab ride. GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!


Whirlwind said...

nice picture of your freemason temple

amy.leblanc said...

i am personally relieved that you wrote this, because some time ago on the internet i got a lot of shit from some people, friends and not friends, because i happened to say that i didn't like a certain event because it was full of after-work douchebags in khaki pants. i was called judgemental, bitchy, and a snob.

that all maybe true, but at least i'm not alone in hating the button-up shirt crowd. i will pretty much turn around and walk out of a bar/club if that's who it's filled with. those people are not fun to party with. i'd rather be in the bar with that guy with the scar up his neck.