Monday, March 26, 2012

I can't do it.

I used to recap Mad Men. No more. I'm already sick of reading about last night's episode just from this morning's 1-hour jaunt around the Internet. I can't imagine that I would have anything novel or interesting to say about Zou Bisou Bisou, except that it reminded me of this:

So if you somehow need to read more about Mad Men, just turn on the Internet. It's fucking EVERYWHERE.

(I will make the following observations, which do not count as recapping in any way:

- Did Lane and that chick just invent phone sex?
- Don's apartment!
- Is there not as much smoking as there used to be?
- Is that another new Bobby? I can't even tell any more.)


GG said...

I was also wondering if that was a new Sally, or did she just get older? Kids all look the same to me.

TK said...

Nope, that's the very talented Kiernan Shipka returning as Sally. But WOW did her voice ever drop a few octaves! She sounded like Barry White in that one scene.

Tamagosan said...

Ahhhhhh like right now on Fresh Air. I was SO counting on Terry Gross to get me through this difficult afternoon but here I am hearing about Peggy and a bean ballet wtf... I feel like all my non-baseball loving friends during the Giants season...

Annie said...

It was definitely another new Bobby. Damn that's a tough gig to hold!